Stanbridge Studio Sessions

We had a great time at Stanbridge Studio’s earlier last month shooting this video featuring 4 of our original songs.

The first song is “Bankruptcy” and it’s the title track from our second EP of the same name. Here the band explores the murky depths of betrayal, vanity, ignorance and downright evil. The lead track written by Lee, see’s her settling a few old scores, exploring both the financial and moral kinds of Bankruptcy with the band digging a vintage Whitesnake style rock-blues groove.

The Second song is “Pins and Needles” yet to be recorded on the bands new full length album due out February 2020. Written by Tori Mai and Elliot. Lyrically it’s a song of self respect & independence. Watching the people she grew up with, the so called friends who repeatedly let her down, pushed her down and tried to demoralize her but ultimately failed, as she became “her own soldier” learning to stand on her own and leave the negative people in her wake.

The third song from the set is “Crosshairs” from the Bankruptcy EP, penned by Lee with music by Elliot, It’s a slide guitar drenched slide Blues romp. Think early Zep, murky, swampy and  dark. It’s a love song, of sorts! given a choice between the person you love, your beliefs, their beliefs and the conflict it brings; If you had to make a choice……

The final song is the anthemic “Lady Loretta” again from the Bankruptcy EP and like mother, like daughter, Tori takes aim and lets fly. Every woman knows a Lady Loretta and Tori’s lyrics lets this one know, in no uncertain terms, that she’s not welcome any more. Think like an angry version of Jolene, but instead of saying “please don’t take my man” she’s saying “nah, keep him I’m better off without him”, all set over Elliot’s updated Hendrix vibe.