About Us

Lee Ainley – Vocals

Singer Lee’s musical pedigree is second to none. From a famous musical family, classically trained and years of gigging every type of music, Lee is finally singing her first musical love, the soulful side of Blues – early Aretha, Billie Holiday, Etta James. Lee’s powerful vocals are highlighted with Blues Storm’s eclectic repertoire, from Janis Joplin to BB King, via Deep Purple, Susan Tedeschi and Johnnie Lang. Lee is also a highly respected vocal coach, giving children as young as 9 the chance to perform in front of an audience at one of the many performance nights she runs for them.

Simon Griffin – Drums

Simon first sat behind a drum kit at the age of 5 however his playing since then has not improved! The highlight of his musical career was conducting the Billy Smarts Band for a TV special in the late 60’s! Simon’s influences are Marlboro Reds and strong coffee along with the odd bacon butty! Simon has played in numerous bands in the south and most recently tub thumped for South of 55th. When not trying to keep time he attempts to keep upright on one of his motorcycles!

Tori Ainley- Rhythm Guitar / backing vocals

Tori is by far the youngest member of the band, but by no means the least experienced. She’s been playing and singing in bands since the age of 12. Her musical taste and style is well beyond her years, but with a such a family pedigree steeped in live music performance what else would you expect.

Mike Howell – Bass

Locking in with Simon and Tori to form a solid, yet relaxed rhythm section, bass player Mike holds down the groove to “serve the song” – leaving all the room for Lee and guitarist Tim to shine. Mike has a long history of working on the other side of the music fence, as A&R manager for such legends as Peter Green, John Mayall and John Lee Hooker, and brings his commercial acumen to the band, ensuring that the music is both interesting, of the highest standard but also entertaining to the widest of audiences.

Tim Higgs – Lead Guitar

Tim is a virtuoso of the guitar, able to go from blues to rock, metal, jazz and even country at a push. Also, like Simon the drummer, he likes to ride motorbikes but alas he’s not quite so good at staying upright!