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Lee Ainley’s Blues Storm – A rising force in soulful rock blues.

Fronted by an unusual pairing of mother/daughter, this musical powerhouse brings you original tracks with sounds firmly rooted in blues history.

The unique vocal pairing of Lee Ainley and Tori Mai showcases tight harmonies wrought from close family bonds and a solid musical pedigree. These unstoppable ladies create the feel of the music with their song writing artistry. On lead guitar is the raw and edgy Elliot Young, who also drops his song writing prowess into the mix. The engine of the rhythm section growls along with the skilful David Atkin on drums. Locking in with David is patriarch Nat Ainley on bass, making this a family affair. The sum of two vibrant young talents and three mellow experienced veterans make this band able to look to the future as well as back in time.

Blues Storm are a touring band and will go where serious rock blues is needed. Their recent successful UK tour under the Ladies of the Blues banner took them to revered venues such as The Tunnels in Bristol, The Komedia in Brighton and the Water Rats in London.

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Lee Ainley

Founding member, lead singer, song writer, publicist, band manager, mum, wife…..

Tori Mai

Rhythm guitarist, singer, song writer, daughter to Lee & all round nutter!

Elliot Young

Lead guitarist, song writer/composer, pedal board wizard, tallest band member and Tori’s best friend.

Nathan Ainley

Bass guitarist, backing vocals, sound engineer, band roadie, web designer, photographer, driver of the band wagon, husband of …yes you’ve guessed it Lee and father to the amazing Tori Mai

Dave Atkin

Dave “Thor” Atkin…. so he hasn’t got a six pack and he doesn’t weald a big heavy hammer but he is the god of thunder! when it comes to drumming we’re sure he can be heard in Valhalla!

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